Michael Owen Talks to Six of the world's greatest Ballerinas
and asks them to recall their most memorable dance.
(From the British Airways Flight Magazine)

Daria Klimentova remembers her greatest performance as the night she fell on her bottom. It was in Sydney, Australia, when this Prague-born ballerina was dancing the roles of Odette and Odile in the English National Ballet's production of Swan Lake.
But this was no conventional version of the ballet.

It was ENB director Derek Deane's epic staging designed to play in stadiums and amphitheatres, with a cast of 120 and a corps de ballet of 70 shimmering swans. It had first been seen in the round at the Royal Albert Hall, London, and then went on a highly successful world tour that brought it to Sydney where an audience of 10,000 had packed into a stadium.
Daria recalled: "The energy there on that night was just amazing. It lifted everyone, including myself. The atmosphere was awesome." As Odette/Odile, Daria was required to dance a sequence of 32 fouettes (spins and kicks) ending with a double pirouette, a set piece in Swan Lake that is one of the greatest technical challenges a ballerina can face.
" It was all going so great," says Daria, " I did the fouettes and went on to finish with a triple pirouette rather than a double. That was the moment I fell on my bum. I didn't mind, as I knew I'd been dancing well, and I got the biggest applause I've ever known"